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Tartuffe - the complete stage play

Mary and her family moved to the Bangor area in Roland Dube. Roland lives in Bangor and teaches 7th and 8th grade math at the William S. Cohen School in Bangor. He has been performing in community theater for the past 32 years. He is treasurer of the Bangor Community Theater and was last seen in their production of White Christmas. He has been a member of the Gilbert and Sullivan Society for 32 years and has just become their treasurer.

Alison Cox. Nancy Dymond. Cheri White. Cheri has been helping Bangor Community Theatre out behind the scenes, particularly in the area of costumes, for many past BCT productions in an unofficial capacity by helping her two children Heather and Stephen Elkins. In she finally decided to make it official by joining BCT and serves as a board member.

To see the list of faculty and their bios, click here. TAB provides a formal conduit for theatre students to convey their views and concerns to the faculty.

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They also organize various social and fundraising activities. Senior Showcase : The department produces an annual Senior Showcase in Manhattan usually at Playwrights Horizons during which qualified seniors perform before an invited audience of agents, managers, and producers. The Senior Showcase takes place at the end of spring semester and is part of a Performance major's Senior Learning Community. Skip to Content Academic Programs. The advice on resume construction is particularly well done.

Catron has other useful web publications on the home site. The Foundation Center An information resource for grantseekers and grantmakers, including fund-raising libraries, a digest, and publications.

Ropers Knots Page A meta-page with links to knot-tying sites. It's got links to ALL the knots. For when I can't remember how the rabbit goes around the tree, in the hole, etc. On-Line Books Page An index to online books and other documents, with links to other electronic text sites, indexes, and more. The amount of information is immense. Since my area of research interest is Latin American Theatre, I often find it invaluable in locating play and production reviews published in newspapers, for example. The Internet Broadway Database This one is all about Broadway, and is a great source for statistics on productions appearing there.

However, Broadway theatres are no longer the sole controlling venues for theatre production in America, especially non-musical theatre, so it's not really as useful as I would want it to be. Still, a good start - easy to search and fairly comprehensive. The Internet Movie Database As the film industry tends to be more centralized, this one is more useful, especially for finding lists of performers, synopses of their movies, awards won, and other good stuff. Actors who already appear in the database can take advantage of the photo-resume service to edit and post their own additional information.

The Actor's Checklist A fairly comprehensive site containing information and advice for actors new to the business of the art mostly SAG and film-focused. The information is solid and reasonable and there are also suggestions for other sites and print sources. It also includes information on auditioning as well as links to other unions, a few producers, and other sites of general interest. Most notably, includes practical advice to the star-struck, such as how to avoid scams, how to relocate to LA, and how to choose monologues and headshots.

It also includes valuable lists of agencies, casting directors, comedy clubs, and selected conservatories, colleges and universities hard to cover them all with programs in actor training. The Living Playbook Rightly calls itself "the most complete, most up-to-date collection of improv games on the planet. Now Casting A talent database, based in LA, for actors to post resumes, photos, reel clips, etc. The basic membership is free. The Online Communicator Essentially a site devoted to listing resources for the Entertainment Industry, the Talent section of this site lists resources useful to performers, such as information on unions, vocal production, tongue twisters, audition resources, and more.

Maintained by Rich Wilson; last updated in Stagecraft and Technical Theatre Elizabethan Costuming Page This is an excellent site for both amateur and professional costumers and students of course , with sections on history, design and even construction techniques. A "Monthly Costume Feature" directs the reader to other excellent sites of interest. This site is very thorough, and definitely worth a visit even if you're not a costumer.

History and Archives

Glossary of Technical Theatre Terms: Theatrecrafts. Users can perform a Word Search, get a random word, browse by category or alphabetically. Very informative. The web site is the book on line--an excellent resource for costume designers, directors, and those interested in fashion and period costuming. The Stagehand Primer Specifically intended for the use of the Stagehands and Apprentices of IATSE Local in Northeast Wisconsin, this handbook contains lots of useful information for technicians and other students of theatre in need of plain definitions and procedures for the practical operation of theatre production.

USITT The web site for the association of design, production, and technology professionals in the performing arts and entertainment industry in the USA.

Theatre | Sarah Lawrence College

Plays and Playwrights 10 Minute Plays An archive of short plays. Very suitable for one-act festivals and directing classes. The site includes an online newsletter, but to take advantage of many of the services, one needs to be in Alberta.

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  5. Cervantes Project An excellent site devoted to the Spanish Golden Age playwright, with academic articles, indices, images, a local search engine, and links to related sites. Available in Spanish and English , it should prove very useful to the online researcher. In English, German, and Norwegian.

    The International Centre for Women Playwrights The web site for this organization includes a discussion list, links to conferences and programs, the newsletter, and a "diary" of members' activities and awards.

    Limelight Scripts The UK source for scripts for performance, notable for its section on The History of British Pantomime and scripts for this unique form of drama. Moliere Adaptations In English by Timothy Mooney An ever-growing collection of Moliere's plays in English translation and a few adaptations that are original and creatively rhymed.

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    Tim will also email a free copy of select plays upon request. He also performs on the Fringe Theatre and College Tour circuits. Playwrights Cafe The members of this organization in Albany, CA critiques a play each month by one of its fellows; the Network Cafe in the site allows participation, i. The Playwrights Forum The Playwrights Forum is "a non-profit organization dedicated to the artistic development of talented playwrights from the Washington D. Playwrights on the Web Maintained by Paul Thain on the Internet Theatre Bookshop web site, this is a long contact list of playwrights whose material is accessible on the web.

    His home site includes some nice links for playwrights, especially those in the UK. Playwriting Seminars This site is essentially a page manual of the playwright's craft, with an "inevitable excursion into film. Small-Cast One-Act Play Guide A companion to the print-published index, this continually updated site aims to access "playwrights, their scripts, and related sundries.

    August Strindberg This attractive site has some good biographical material and photos, as well as excerpts from his journals and sketchbooks.

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    It includes a bi-weekly newsletter, interviews, articles, links, and more. Shakespeare Absolute Shakespeare This impressive site includes not only the plays, sonnets, and historical background, but also such features as trivia, study guides, quotes, filmography, and bibliography. One of the best.

    The web designer, Paula Katherine Marmor, has crafted a very elegant presentation. The book can also be downloaded for printing in Word 6. The main site also has other good resources. Internet Shakespeare Editions According to the editors, the purpose of this site is "to make scholarly, fully annotated texts of Shakespeare's plays available" on the internet. This includes Quartos and Folios, old-spelling editions of selected plays, and a refereed introduction to Shakespeare's life and times.

    It includes sections on pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, forms of address, insults and cursing, all aimed toward the improvisational use of Elizabethan English. A particularly interesting feature is a collection of sound files with Elizabethan pronunciations of some words. Shakespeare Authorship "Dedicated to the Proposition that Shakespeare Wrote Shakespeare," this site is devoted to a critical examination of Oxfordian claims on the authorship of Shakespeare's plays. It also includes numerous links to other sites related both to the controversy and to Shakespeare in general.

    Shakespeare's Theatre Terry Gray's superb annotated guide to Shakespeare web resources. A great place to start to research your production. American Arts Alliance The Advocacy Page of the American Arts Alliance provides "advocacy information and tools for arts supporters to communicate the need for continued federal support of the arts to their senators and representatives.

    An excellent site. This mission has given rise to several programs of interest, including a news digest and archive, links to sites in the arts and education, and a calendar of Conferences, Contests, Grants, Requests for Papers, and Job Listings, and the Community Center bulletin board. Institute for the Management of Creative Enterprises This site, formerly ArtsNet, provides among other things a searchable database of arts resources. The International Federation for Theatre Research In French and English, this is the home site for the professional academic organization for conferences, working groups, and the journal Theatre Research International.

    TCG: Theatre Communications Group The national membership organization for academes, amateurs, and professionals alike. Among other things, the organization features a bookstore, journal American Theatre and ArtSearch , the main national listing for jobs in the arts in the USA. The Theatre Library Association Housed by the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at the Lincoln Center, this site for the professional academic organzation supports librarians and archivists in the performing arts.

    World Wide Arts Resources An impressive inventory of mostly visual arts resources that includes a searchable database, some dance links, links to arts organizations, arts employment, and more. Of Regional Interest American Musicals This site is basically a directory of contact information and publicity for theatre practitioners and their shows in the Los Angeles area.