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Mechanical Behaviour of Materials. Mechanical Testing 8. Metal Casting Metal Cutting — Trent. Metal Finishing Guide Book Metal Manufacturing. Metallic Materials Specification Handbook. Metallography and Microstructures 9. Metallography Principles and Practice. Metallurgical Process Fundamentals.

Steel Heat Treatment Handbook Metallurgy And Technologies

Metallurgical Process Phenomena. Metallurgical Industrial Processes. Metallurgy of Die Casting. Military Handbooks — A Collection. Nanocrystalline Materials. Nano Materials. NDE and Quality Control 1. Nitriding and Nitocarburizing. NonDestructive Evaluation. NonDestructive Testing. NonFerrous 2.

Phase Diagram 3. Phase Transformation in Materials. Phase Transformations in Metals and Alloys. Physical and Engineering Properties of Cast Irons. Physical Metallurgy — Raghavan. Pipe Welding Procedures.

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Powder Metallurgy. Powder Metallurgy 7. Practical Data For Metallurgists — Timken. Production Engineering — Castings.

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Production Engineering — Metal Forming. Production Engineering — Plastic Forming. Radiography in Modern Industry. Refractories for Steelmaking. SecoWarwick Heat Treating Databook. Selection and Use of Engineering Materials. Sheet Forming 14B.

Shot Peening. Advanced Search. Suggestions for a book on heat treating and metallurgy People keep asking me questions and I like to help them where I can. Problem is metallurgy is my weakest subject. I need a book to reccommend to people who need answers to metallurgy questions. Here's a rough specification: The book needs to address in handbook format the common low alloy, corrosion resistant, and basic tool steels, copper and aluminum alloys in general theory and particular application.

Also charts and graphs of heat treating practices and property enhancements resulting from heat treating. It would be nice if welding was included but this is a different subject. Reply With Quote.

I know it's not exactly what you are looking for, but it might be difficult to fully appreciate the info you'd get in a handbook without some more background knowlege. I'd recommend getting a materials engineering textbook from the last 10 years or so and just skip all of the chapters specific to plastics, ceramics, and electronic materials. I promise, it would be a week or two of reading well worth it. Then buy the handbook you are looking for I'll see if I can find a good one to recommend. Forrest, Although it doesn't contain copper or aluminum, this one is hands down "the best".

Steel Heat Treatment

If I can get great results from this, anyone can. The author, Bill Bryson says it's like baking a cake. Not true, I can't bake anything, but now I can cook steel. The one in my library is "Engineering Materials , Properties and selection. Cheers Don.

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Definitely agree with Mr. Definitely on top. Another book, Metals and How to Weld Them Jefferson and Gorham Woods, Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation, covers the fundamentals of metallurgy, metallurgy and heat treating, matallurgy and welding