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Lou Adler's Performance-based Hiring is more powerful than ever! A trained interviewer armed with the right tools is the best solution. Performance-based Hiring is a proven methodology to get these results. This should be the standard throughout the industry. In fact, these tools have not only produced amazing outcomes-in terms of selecting the best fit in an extremely tight labor market-but with a level of success among our operations customers that I have rarely seen with other HR products.

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He is a noted recruiting industry expert, national speaker, and columnist for a number of major recruiting sites, including HR. Table of contents Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4.

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Run away as fast as you can. First night, the professor picked to have dinner with me spent the meal telling me that the Department Chair was a misogynist. I was shocked at her candidness, but it was a good warning about the lack of profesionalism and hostility in the Department. The next day, during an interview, the Chair asked me a young, visibly queer woman whether or not I could live in the South. I replied yes, I'd been living in the South for a while. He asked again "No, I mean it.

Can you live in the South? Nothing blatantly illegal, but definitely illegal implications. Was grateful not to get an offer, but was surprised that I was sent a form rejection letter informing me I was not selected. Though should I have been? It required the least amount of effort. The Provost also tells some of the department chairs to "get information about thei faculty members in case he needs to fire them. Basically, in all accounts, Chowan University is a joke!

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Not to mention that it is in the middle of nowhere - and they want you to live right there! There are faculty members who live further away in order to be closer to civilization, but generally the administration frowns upon that. They tell some new faculty that "there is no place to rent in this town, so you should buy a house here," just so that they would have more liability and less mobility once they move here.

Of course it doesn't mean that they will necessarily keep you. Some people have fallen into those lies before and bought a house right in town, only to find five other houses on sale in the same neighborhood that can't get sold for over a year! Buyer beware! When the appointed time arrived, I interviewed with the associate dean, because the "dean was in another meeting.

Now I am a Christian, but not the denomination associated with this school. Upon reading the mission statement on their website, my understanding was that Bethune-Cookman is a Historically Black University that happens to be loosely faith-based.

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This appears not to be the case. I applied to other similar instutions and did not get the same response. Unless you are United Methodist, and prepared to make a confession of faith during the interview process, reconsider applying here. They are censured by AAUP and have one of the lowest graduation rates in the country.

Hire With Your Head Using Power Hiring To Build Great Teams 2Nd Edition

There are always constant investigations and scandals. Moreover, the pay is extremely low and the administration constantly uses fear tactics to keep the faculty docile.

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You really notice it once you leave this place. As a result of extremely low morale, most of the faculty do not care about their jobs they are coasting leading to chaos in the classrooms. Attendance is not expected in the classroom.

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Thus, while a great teacher may try to require it, the culture created means those instructors will not succeed in getting students into the classroom. I never had a problem with this before teaching here or after teaching here. There are some great and humble students. These are the ones to cherish and provide any help as they will be really thankful. Nonetheless, this institution will probably collapse unless the government takes it over.

Avoid at all costs. Only those with connections and who side with the top tier get any respect.

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Skype interview: during ths the Dean was visably yawning while listening to my answers about my scholarship and teaching. The only time she perked up was to ask me to respond to the university's mission, which in addition to the standard stuff -- student centered, excellence in teaching -- included "Christian". Attempting to avoid a discussion of my beliefs, I responded to the first two adjectives and ignored religion.

The Dean then perked up and interrogated me on how my beliefs impacted my teaching. I complied, but again, was clearly not a Bible-banger, so I thought the plans for a campus visit could be squashed. They were not. I debated going and decided it would be good experience and I should not judge the school before visiting. Planning campus visit : When the invitation to a campus interview was confirmed I was explicitly told that I would be making 2 presentations: a job talk and a teaching demo, but not given any detail of the length, content, or audience for these presentations.

With a month to go before the interview, I waited for these details which I asked for upon accepting the invitation for the interview to be confirmed. When they confirmed my flight plans three weeks before the interview I mentioned that I was waiting on details of my presentations and they assured me that they would be in touch asap. Two weeks before the interview I politely requested to know what class I would be teaching, what parameters I should know about for my job talk, and the length of each presentation.

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A week before the interview I asked again. Both emails received no answer.

At Work, Expertise Is Falling Out of Favor

I emailed again five days before the interview and got a response immediately asking me to wait just a bit longer. The details came 72 hours before my flight and they changed my iterinary from two presentations to one minute teaching demo. So the work I had done on the job talk was a waste and I had less than 72 hours to prep for the class. Pissed, but I handled it. Another snafu in the planning stage: during the phone call to confirm travel plans they informed me that instead of having a day and a half with the search committee including dinner the night before my presentations, etc I would only have half a day on campus.

This was ostensibly an unavoidable issue having to do with flight schedules, but it was clearly implied that my interview would be half the time they alloted for the other candidates. Also at this point much of my communication started to be with a woman whose position in the department was unclear. Not to put too fine a point on it, but she apparently was given the authority to cut my interview time in half! I stand to try and introduce myself, since its my interview and everything, and he barely shakes my hand before continuing his private conversation at the other end of the table.

That goes on for about fifteen minutes, all the while I am trying to figure out a way to politely enter a conversation I am clearly not welcome to, until he stands up to leave saying "I forgot. I have a class to teach right now". He goes without saying another word to me.

I spend the next hour having a tour of campus with another member of the search committee. He does not ask me one question about myself, my work, or my goals.