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Black Hole Sun by David Macinnis Gill

So basically, you all suck. As for the Firefly rip-off accusations, Whedon wrote a space opera. Gill wrote a space opera. Star Wars was a space opera, too. All the cliches are the same: The young, dashing hero, the old master, the loyal sidekick, and the beautiful princess. Mal is just Han Solo for TV. They have the same outfit and same haircut. Jane is a wookie with less hair. The only thing I see is they both have cannibals. Right, so Whedon invented cannibals? And that maybe giving The Dark Tower another go might be good…. One thing that really bugged me was title.

The title is one of the things that persuaded me to read the book, which I enjoyed thoroughly, but it irratated me when I figured out how misleading it was. And I had not read this off the internet at that point.

The basic plot is just so un-original as to be disappointing. Yes, the author does throw in other Sci-Fi elements as well: the Reavers from Serenity, The tunneling rock-turtles from Star Trek original series. This is really just a fast-action story that borrows many elements from several sources, and fails to develop the characters into real people, but transforms them from one cliche into another. Yeah, right. I can take the author throwing in the Bushido, but the one reference to Valhalla was just one too many borrows for my taste.

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Baisios Stygos - Black Hole Sun

Sound familiar? Your sentence structure made it a little unclear. By Thea. April January 19, at am Wow. That chapter excerpt is horrid. Lenore January 19, at am Ouch! Haha, YES. Such an awesome book. Lisa January 19, at pm Wow! Becky January 20, at am I also disliked this book.

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Lop January 25, at pm Lila Busca So the writing is pretty awful and the concepts are unoriginal but we all suck? That being said, you are free to enjoy this atrocious book as much as you please. Justin S. November 14, at am One thing that really bugged me was title. Logan C. DarylCar March 7, at am?? The most unexpected user interface is one of the plus point to draw in a persons this skill app is only freed from cost without costing a single penny and as well,as well as the fully an pleasurable to everyone followers with out difficulties.

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