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Substance Abuse & Addiction

Drug and Alcohol Dependence, , Moore et al. Psychiatric Services , Novins et al. Implementation Science , Page Image. The specific aims of this project are as follows: to describe the use of specific evidence-based treatments in substance abuse treatment programs serving American Indian and Alaska Native communities; to describe the factors associated with the implementation of evidence-based treatments in these programs; and to identify methods for more effective dissemination of evidence-based treatments to substance abuse treatment programs serving American Indian and Alaska Native communities.


Teen rehab. Adolescent programs specialize in treating youth and their families. Native American adolescents may face unique issues that contribute to their alcohol use. Adolescent treatment programs often incorporate family members and academic support or schooling into the treatment process. Dual diagnosis: Dual diagnosis programs provide treatment for both addiction and mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Mental health issues often lead people to turn to negative coping skills such as drinking. Treating the underlying mental health condition is important for reducing the risk of relapse. Alcoholics Anonymous: AA is a step recovery group for people struggling with drinking.

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It is free to join, and meetings are available around the world. AA helps members connect with a sober community and work through the 12 steps. These treatment programs may offer activities that incorporate Native American culture, such as:. Native American recovery programs may also use traditional music, foods, crafts, and beadwork.

Native Americans seeking addiction treatment may also want to discuss including elders, spiritual leaders, and family members into treatment. Heavy alcohol use. Binge drinking. In , approximately , Native Americans reported binge drinking within the past month. Fetal alcohol syndrome.

Myths About Alcohol Addiction in Native Americans

FASD can occur when a mother drinks alcohol during her pregnancy. Children born with FASD can suffer from life-long physical, mental, and behavioral issues.

Native Americans have the highest rate of deaths from alcohol poisoning per million people. Death from alcohol poisoning can occur when a person drinks a large amount in a short period of time, causing the brain to shut down.

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Dual diagnosis. In , the rate of co-occurring disorders among Native Americans was 8. Native Americans are more likely than other ethnic groups to need treatment for alcohol addiction. Finding a treatment program that fits your needs and understands your cultural background can be challenging. Make sure you prepare for the call with the admissions consultant. You will likely be asked some or all of the following questions:.

Before you call the helpline, jot down some questions you have about Native American substance abuse programs and the process of going to treatment. Some common questions people ask are:.

Addiction among Native Americans

Department of Health and Human Services. Beauvais, F. American Indians and alcohol. Alcohol Research and Health , 22 4 , Racial and ethnic minority populations. Brown-Rice, K. Examining the theory of historical trauma among Native Americans. The Professional Counselor , 3 3 , American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders 5th ed. McKeon, A. The alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

The impact of substance abuse/addiction within Native American populations

Garrett, M. Mending the broken circle: Treatment of substance dependence among Native Americans. Journal of Counseling and Development , 78 4 , Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders among Native Americans. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Alcohol poisoning deaths. National admissions to substance abuse treatment services. SMA